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"You may be delayed but never denied." — Raj Deoraj

Mortgage services is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of borrowing. It allows you to take a lump sum, either to invest in property, or other assets when you mortgage your real estate. Even though it is a debt instrument, it still remains one of the most important or bought collateral borrowings in Canada because of its efficiency.

Borrowing in lieu of a mortgage is simple. The dilemma starts when there is a lack of knowledge on the matter. It does not matter if you are opting for the first time, the second time, whether you want or already have a commercial mortgage. When you have the right advisor (insert About Me link) things get smooth and easier.

All of these are possible when you have personal consultation on your finances and prevailing debts (insert FNA & Debt Solution links). I can help you get the best mortgage services and give you Financial Need Analysis as a Financial Life Coach and as a representative of 8twelve Mortgage. While they provide the service, I am the advisor. We provide the best deals on your mortgage needs with personalized benefits from the top lenders in the country.

It is a lifetime dream of every Canadian to have their own home and live happily with their family, among good friends and neighbors. Getting professional advice for this big step just makes sense. I, along with my partner 8twelve Mortgage, curate the right combination of mortgage features, privileges, flexibility that suits your needs to the best.

You need to watch out. You may think you have to go by the rules and terms of the first mortgage on renewal. Let me tell you, you can negotiate everything pertaining to your mortgage, with no penalties involved.

Did you know 65% of the homebuyers do not compare their mortgage with another lender?

Be sure to contact me so I can review all your options and strategies.

A reverse mortgage is a special mortgage only made available to people in Canada over the age of 55.

It is almost the opposite (or ‘reverse’) of a traditional mortgage, in that there is no credit score requirement, you don’t need income to qualify and there are no monthly payments. The lender is paying you money, without the requirement that you repay any of it – which is why it is considered the ‘reverse’ of a traditional mortgage.

Like many, Canadians love to have a lifestyle, a second get-away home, a lake side view after retirement and ready to experience and enjoy life once again.

Homeownership is an investment that typically increases over time. In times of any contingency it plays out to be one of the most important assets you will ever invest on.

Kindly reach me to know you dream vacation or second home is within reach!

How do I get started?

FNA is an easy process, because it is personalized as per your requirement. I shall begin the process as soon as you provide me with these documents, which will help me generate your current financial position.

Build personal wealth by WEALTHLine Mortgage

You can build your wealth through homeownership. These products are exclusively available through 8twelve Mortgage and I, arranged through Paradigm Quest Inc., that works with domestic and international capital market partners to fund several billion dollars in mortgage transactions.

Its time for my fellow Canadians to think and act smarter.

Looking forward to acquire, refinance or redevelop Commercial Property?

I got you. With specialized complex funding for client projects, let me help to build you a stronger relationship in the commercial lending world.

What benefits will you get with us?

 Together, let’s regain control over your Financial Future.

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