"You may be delayed but never denied." — Raj Deoraj

Many of us are unaware of our financial situation; going on with our day-to-day routine, paying bills, taking loans, being absolutely uncertain about the future. Hence, we are caught in the spiral of debts and bad credit.

Not anymore.

I have been there, done that.

I can help you get your current financial situation in-line and get you further opportunities for a better financial situation in the future with Financial Needs Analysis. It prepares you to have an understanding of your current finances and yield prospective path for your future financial stats.

This pre-survey is a crucial step in determining your financial situation. The steps involves assessing and doing a brief analysis about your financial goals to identify the right set of solutions required for you.

FNA can be utilized by anyone who wants to secure his/her financial situation. However, if you fall under the undermentioned categories, I would suggest you to immediately get your statements analyzed.

1. You are in a bad credit/debt situation.
2. You are planning your retirement.
3. You lack knowledge about finance management and planning.

With a few simple steps you can begin with your journey with me.

I have been working on the financial management industry for over 30 years. I aim to design and implement the best curate FNA service for your need. After years of working and analyzing the financial route, I’ve worked on a financial model output using tools to put into action on your goals and needs within an explicit time-based structure which funnels you to be

  • debtless,
  • financially firm and
  • be a go-getter.

My goal is to help people to be debt-free and live the best possible life. I have dedicated the rest of my life to increasing financial literacy and helping others to become better versions of themselves. The journey continues.


I am here to guide you to opt for the best solution for your finances, with the help of services personalized for your need.

1.   Debt Solution
Strategic planning and future forecast for the best ways to pay off debts, be it loans or credit cards, in the most resourceful way.

2.  Mortgage Services
From your first mortgages to its renewal to commercial mortgage all of your requirements will be fulfilled in order to get your security back.

3.  Insurance Services
From bringing you the best policies to helping you with the old ones, insurance will show a ray of light instead of being a just another policy.

How do I get started?

FNA is an easy process, because it is personalized as per your requirement. I shall begin the process as soon as you provide me with these documents, which will help me generate your current financial position.

Need more information?

I’m here to help. You can book a time to speak with me.