Quick Self Assessment

Please select the best options that suit your individual financial situation.

Once you have selected a response for each row, you will be provided with a customized solution.

Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
We/I have a monthly budget and live within it.
We/I save money regularly in an "emergency fund".
We/I pay ourselves 'first every month' by setting aside money for retirement in apersonal account.
We/I are satisfied with our current household income.
We/I are comfortable with our debt situation and have it under control.
We/I pay off our credit card debt in full when it is due.
We/I will retire more than $1,000,000 in investable assets.
We/I have the proper (self-directed) funding in place for our children's higher education.
If my spouse or I die, my family can continue with their financial security.
We/I have written a plan for taking control of our financial future.
We/I have our financial house in order and don't need any help.